Frank Scandura Business Coaching for Auto Repair Shops


As a business coach, Frank Scandura has received many heartfelt testimonials about his innovative work for auto repair shop owners. His patient nature as a mentor, teacher, and leader brings success to his clients.

Success Stories

Because his clients followed his lead, Frank Scandura has multiple client success stories, including:

exhausted mechanic

Frank coached Shaun, a business owner in southern Georgia who was ready to quit and felt like burning his auto repair shop to the ground. Shaun’s first conversation was, “I doubt you can help me, but I’ve tried everything else, and I’m willing to give you a shot.” After working with Frank Scandura and graduating from the business coaching program, Shaun’s whole life changed. He changed his mindset, created solid business processes, and delegated tasks to his team, which allowed his business to prosper. Changing Shaun’s life was transformative; he and Frank are now close friends.

Frank has much experience managing his employees and protecting the company’s culture as a business owner. One of his employees had a negative attitude, which created a toxic environment. A bad attitude is not a major infraction, but Frank held this employee accountable and let him go. But there’s good news! The former employee returned years later and thanked Frank for his integrity, showing him the right way to do things. After working with Frank Scandura, he learned the valuable lesson of treating fellow team members and clients with respect.

auto mechanic
mechanic shaking hands

Marcus is another business coaching client mentored by Frank Scandura. After his auto repair shop’s sales grew exponentially, Marcus created a hand-crafted plaque of a steampunk Mercedes with a handwritten note thanking Frank for teaching him how to create a successful business. Frank cherishes Marcus’s gifts to this day. Marcus’s success was all due to him listening to Frank’s wisdom. Following Frank’s patient guidance and leadership, Marcus and his business now thrive.

If you want to grow your auto repair business and can appreciate the mentorship of someone who can guide you toward your revenue goals, contact Frank Scandura today to begin a conversation. He’s a great teacher who leads by example.