Frank Scandura Business Coaching for Auto Repair Shops

The Philosophy Behind Masterminds

Many business owners enjoy group workshops to help them grow their businesses while networking with industry teachers. Mastermind groups are very popular in the auto repair industry because the goal is for you to receive business coaching from a highly respected mentor such as the renowned business coach Frank Scandura. 

But once you’ve gone through the group experience, you’ll eventually grow beyond the Mastermind-group mentality. Your journey will take you from beginner to intermediate, then advanced. Other newbies are joining your group, asking the questions you once asked and eventually mastered. Eventually, your standards will upgrade, and you will need more challenges from your group and your teacher to become a more innovative business owner. 

After Masterminds, What’s Next?

There will be a point in your life as a business owner where you ask, “What’s next? Is private business coaching for me?”

While Frank Scandura works with several Mastermind groups, he finds that business owners achieve greater success when he provides business coaching in a one-to-one format. When you get personalized coaching for your business, Frank will dive deeper into your business operations, uncovering finer details that will transform your profitability. 

While the philosophy behind Masterminds is fantastic for those who are newer to coaching, it’s the private sessions with Frank that drastically transform your success rate. We invite you to connect with Frank Scandura to explore your best options for success.

Are you sick of worrying about your business? 

If you want Frank to coach you and take you to the next level, reach out to him directly to begin the conversation. He can show you how to improve your business owner salary, fine-tune your Key Performance Indicators, refine your Standard Operating Procedures, and help you rekindle your love for your business.